Important Ticketing Information

Tickets for all our concerts are sold via the Three Choirs Festival box office only. This is the case until a day or two preceding the relevant concert. All remaining tickets are then sold directly by GCS members/volunteers on the day of the concert. Contacting the society directly will usually enable you to understand if tickets will be available, if your enquiry comes after online sales have ceased.

We never sell tickets through other third party sites, such as Ticketmaster and Seetickets (others also exist), and those who have legitimately purchased tickets but are no longer able to use them should contact the box office to establish if a return can be accepted – this will typically only be in the event that a concert is sold out.

Where there is any suspicious activity relating to ticket selling and/or reselling by a third party, the society will take appropriate action and, if necessary, report such activity to the relevant authorities, including but not limited to the Police service via Action Fraud.

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