GCS Choral Apprentices

GCS Young Singers

Our Choral Apprentices scheme is incredibly valuable to GCS, and we want more youthful voices to join us.

We’re extremely lucky to have Bob Chilcott as the scheme’s President. The Observer calls him ‘a contemporary hero of British choral music’. We agree.

As a Choral Apprentice, you’ll enjoy free tuition and guidance from singing teacher Russell Burton, Musical Director at St Philip’s & St James’s Church in Cheltenham and examiner for ABRSM. You’ll also have the chance to compete for both the Ken Fox Prize and the Frances Henson Cup.

The Young Singers scheme is so much more than invaluable singing lessons, it’s the fun of being part of a huge choir and the unmissable opportunities that come with that. I love it!!

L Cole, former GCS YOUNG Singer

Choral singing is great for building confidence and skill. Our apprentices sing in all our concerts – often from memory.


If you are aged between 14 and 18 contact Sally Scanlon by e-mail youngsingers@gloucesterchoral.com.

We’d love to hear from you.

Rehearsals are genuinely enjoyable, and the concerts are some of the most magnificent events I’ve ever participated in.

j stokes, former GCS young singer


GCS takes its responsibility for protecting young singers very seriously. Our full Child Protection Policy is here: GCS Child Protection Document v1.0 as at 1st October 2014