Tallis: Spem in Alium


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Saturday 15 March 2014

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  • 9:45am – Registration
    10:15am – Start rehearsal in choir pairs (1&2, 3&4 etc)
    12:30pm – Lunch
    1:30pm – Rehearse in cathedral nave (tutti)
    3pm – Tea and cakes
    3:30pm – Choir Performances (three if possible)
    4:15pm – Finish
    4:30pm – Spoken prayer (not Evensong as previously advised)


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  • Gloucester Cathedral


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  • Adrian Partington – conductor


Tickets: £20

Download Application Form

Sorry, but this event cannot be booked via our box office.

3rd March 2014 – we reached our initial target of 320 singers so decided to increase the number of singers we can accommodate to 360.  We are now virtually full but please keep sending in your application forms and we will add you to the choirs if at all possible. We will keep you updated.

Come and Listen

If you are coming along with a singer or just want to listen to this wonderful music in the unique acoustic of Gloucester Cathedral, please do come along.  Click here for details. If you enjoy the experience, perhaps you will feel moved to contribute to the retiring collection raising funds for our GCS Young Singers

Link to Tallis Scholars on YouTube





Are you a singer looking for a fabulous experience?

We offer the opportunity for up to 360 singers to spend a day in Gloucester Cathedral learning and performing this beautiful, complex and seldom-performed work. A forty-part motet, originally composed in 1570 for 8 choirs of 5 voices each, Spem in Alium requires discipline from the singers and extraordinary control from the conductor.

How it will work

Singers will rehearse in 8 smaller choirs and perform together twice. Each choir will be made up of 11 soprano, 9 alto 1, 9 alto 2, 7 tenor and 9 bass voices.

It’s going to be fun and a real work out for brains and vocal cords.

All and any questions will be happily answered via e-mail.

Non singers are free to wander the cathedral and listen in. A spectacular treat for the senses.